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Opening Ceremony

OSEAL Opening
Opening Ceremony NEW PARADIGM

Friday, October 30, 2020 · 13:00 ~ 15:20 5F Tamna Hall and 1F Event Hall, International Convention Center Jeju

Pre-event 13:00 ~ 13:30(30 min.) Morning of Tamra, A New Encounter
Pre-event, which will be held under the theme of ‘Morning of Tamra, A New Encounter’, is based on the motif of ‘Sammu Spirit’, a characteristic custom of Jeju that has been passed down since ancient times. The Sammu Spirit: No Thieves, No Beggars and No Gates, symbolizes the spirit of honesty and strength in Jeju. Celebrate your meeting of participants from 18 countries with singing famous K-POP music and cover songs from 18 countries. It will give you the chance to understand each other's culture for the harmony of members, clubs, and districts.
Official Event 13:30 ~ 15:05(95 min.) New Paradigm
The main event, 'New paradigm' at the opening ceremony, which begins with a countdown to open a new day for Lions, in which the history of unity between East and Southeast Asia unfolds through Lionism, wishes for New paradigm with the heart of Jeju with grand opening by conveying the light of hope to illuminate the human, nature, and environment that encompasses the world. The delegation of the participating countries will light up the Cheongsachorong, a traditional Korean lantern with a red-and-blue silk shade, in a place where they will be together to pray for a harmony and new start and to share various volunteer activities and projects in 18 participating countries.
Theme Performance 15:05 ~ 15:20(15 min.) New Paradigm
The theme performance at the opening ceremony, ‘New Paradigm’, begins with a boat of hope that contains Lion’s dream for a new era and the dynamic of splitting the waves, which derives from the new logo. This brings a dream of the future and a new era dreamed by Jeju Lions Club and promises advancing into a bigger future by sharing and uniting the dreams created by 18 participating countries.