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  • Themed Jeju Tour
  • Half-day City Tour
Themed Jeju Tour provides you to find the island of nature, arts and culture
Pre/Post Tour : Choose from various tour programs to suit your taste
  • Samdado Wind, Rocks and Women
    Jeju Stone Park
    Displays the relic of stone such as volcanic ejecta, dolmen and Dol Hareubangs
    Jeju Haenyeo Museum
    Displays the life of Jejudo Island women as well as Haenyeo culture
    Saebyeol Oreum Volcanic Cone or Sangumburi Crater
    The parasitic cone crater covered in silvergrass
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  • The Beauty of Jeju Rebirth of a City for Arts&Culture
    Bonte Museum
    Architecture of Tadao Ando, traditional craft and modern art
    O’sulloc Tea Museum
    Experience the traditional tea culture of Korea and green tea
    Spirited Garden
    Beautiful gardens to walk keeping potted plants and natural rock
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  • Gift of Nature UNESCO Global Geopark
    Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak
    UNESCO World Natural Heritage
    Manjanggul Lava Tube
    One of the largest lava tubes in the world which was formed thousands of years ago
    Jeju World Natural Heritage Center
    Spread and preserve the value of nature of Jeju
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  • Life of People in Jeju The Past and the Present
    Jeju Folk Village
    A place where Jeju’s folk culture is properly preserved and Drama set
    Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market
    Traditional market selling local products on the Olle trails
    Traditional Persimmon Dyeing Experience
    The basis of the traditional clothing of Jeju called “Garot”
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Half-day City Tour
Olle course tour and Seogwipo city tour will be operated during the forum, which regular participants as well as accompanying person can enjoy.
01. Seogwipo Electric Bus City Tour
Eco-friendly Electric Bus City Tour affiliated with Seogwipo-si
Starts from the hotel by shuttle bus -> Arrives at the departing point of the Tour (Seogwipo Traditional 5-day-Market)
Staffs in charge will be positioned for guide
City Tour Route : City tour will be operated at intervals of 35 to 40 minutes
Seogwipo Traditional 5-day-Market (Departure/Arrival)
Jeju bank (Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market, Lee Joong-seop Street)
Dongmun rotary
Chilsimni Food Street (Jaguri Park, Seobok Exhibition Hall)
Cheonjiyeon Falls (Saeyeongyo Bridge)
Entrance to Soldongsan
Cheonji-dong Community Service Center (Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market, ArangJoeul Food Street)
Seogwipo electric bus city tour Seogwipo electric bus city tour
02. Jeju Olle Course 8 Tour with a commentary
Walking along the Jeju Olle Course 8 nearby ICC JEJU
Operates once in the morning and in the afternoon
Starts at ICC JEJU and takes about an hour
Look around tourist attractions with a guide who is capable of foreign language
Tour route (Return to ICCJEJU on a bus)
Jeju Olle Course tour with a guide Course A: ICC JEJU - Jusangjeolli Cliff - The Seaes Hotel & Resort - Jungmun Saekdal Beach (Duration : Within a hour)
Jeju Olle Course tour with a guide Course B: ICC JEJU - Beritne Oreum Volcanic Cone - Cheonjeyeon Falls (Duration : Within a hour)